General Guidelines for Weight Work

Weight training is important, no matter which method or equipment you select. As far as your muscles are concerned, it doesn’t really matter whether you go to a gym or exercise at home or whether you use weight machines, free weights.” Regardless of your regime, several principles for weight training have become standard simply because they have been shown to be effective:

♦ Always warm up before your workout.

♦ See a trainer for a program or plan one that works each muscle or muscle group to fatigue.

♦ Start with light weights.

♦ Continue challenging your muscles by making the workout harder as you get stronger.

♦ Add challenge by increasing reps, increasing sets, increasing weight, or decreasing rest time.

♦ Do strength training every other day to allow your muscles to recover after each workout.

♦ Stretch after each workout.

As with any component of your fitness routine, the best time for strength training is whenever you can plug it into your schedule. If going to the gym or picking up weights at home in the morning before you go to work is most convenient for you, that’s when you should be working out. Ditto for lunchtime, late afternoon, or evening.